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When are the French national holidays 2016?

When are the French national holidays 2016?

The French take their national holidays seriously - rightly so - but so should you if you're travelling there.

You can find that, in a lot of areas of France, towns and villages completely shut down on their 'jours fériés' - particularly in more rural spots. But instead of being caught out with no snacks or, more importantly, on that important day of stocking up on the wine for homecoming, take note of this summer's big public holidays.

They are NOT to be avoided as the French know how to celebrate so it's a great country to be in when they are doing what they do so well, but just better to be warned...

Summer 2016

Thursday 5th May - ASCENSION
Thursday 14th July - BASTILLE DAY
Monday 15th August - ASSUMPTION

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