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French Toll Roads

If you have never driven in France before, you could be in for a shock. The motorways are NOT FREE! It's not just bridges, it's hundreds of miles of long, flat motorways on which you pay for the privilege for a 'fast pass' through France.

As family travellers, we ourselves maintain that they are worth paying for - come off these roads in the height of summer and you'll know about how many millions of people really are on the move in the world's most visited country.

The biggest problem with tolls is the bottleneck they invariably cause when the sheer volume of cars queue up to begrudgingly hand over the cash. France has recently, however, launched a subsidiary company of Sanef, the tolling operators, in the UK - allowing us Brits to get in on the 'Tag' system.

The 'Liber-t' is a tag stuck to the windscreen of your car that senses you as you approach the fast-track lane and allows you to pass the barrier, in theory, without stopping. The system logs the journey you have done, puts the charge on your account and invoices you a month later. No cash needed, no stopping required (just a bill when you've almost forgotten you ever did the journey!)

Having discovered this, we won't do France without it. Particularly on "Black Saturdays" - the busiest days in France are now even titled, they're so busy!
If you're travelling on the LAST SATURDAY IN JULY OR FIRST SATURDAY IN AUGUST, be aware... A Liber-t will mean a shorter queue, it will not mean no stopping...

Check out all the information on the tags and buy them here -

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