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The 4Rs of responsible journeys - The Plog!

4 Rs of responsible journeying: not just the destination

Essentially our key ethos at Pillows & Pitstops can be easily assimilated to a lifelong lesson... Just as life itself is not solely about the destination, but about the journey it takes to get there; we believe in making the journey part of the holiday.

We're all familiar with the use of observation games such as Eye Spy to pacify our young travellers whilst en route to our holiday spot of choice, but the advantages of using Pillows & Pitstops' extensive knowledge of locale and localism can make the journey more fun for the adults too.

Stopping somewhere to grab an instant coffee and fried white bread with cheap, battery eggs is unlikely to give your system the nutritional boost it needs to be alert whilst driving. Let alone remain patient with the kids. Giving your family and yourself a healthy dose of local and ethically sourced produce is going to make you feel better and calmer. Since you are what you eat, choose healthy, fresh options and you'll feel revitalised and ready to rock the remainder of the roadtrip with renewed vigour.

It's important to drink plenty of fluids on long car journeys, which many people avoid in order to make less pitstops. Take a large bottle of something to replenish the body and give you the energy needed but try drinking little and often.
(Since ginger is a great stomach settler and citrus has such a fresh aroma, a sweetened combination of the two in water can be a really good all rounder for a family thirst quencher)

Although making repeated stops will add time to your planned journey, it's important to remember that taking a stop to break up the journey gives everyone a chance to regroup. Especially when travelling with older children, they may have been listening to headphones or playing a game to help pass the journey. Even the stolen moments of going for a group toilet break and leg stretch will encourage some family bonding time.

When I was little, I always knew we were approaching Cornwall when we'd pass a ring of trees at Lifton Down. Stopping there created one of the most lasting memories I have, since I always call to mind the times we played in the shade of the tall oaks. Some of the Pitstops we have listed are in areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, whilst others may have memorable animals on site or the best baguettes this side of Bordeaux. Whatever the case, your Pitstop no matter how short or indeed long it may be, is a part of the bigger picture: the memory of the whole holiday.

As a way for the driver and the navigator to both take a short break from driving, parenting and all of the other wonderful things we are in charge of whilst our sojourn from a to b continues, take a look at our list of Top 5 Pitstops with play areas.

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