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Countdown with us to the Summer

We are the Hedgehog Parents. Lying in wait for Summer, getting through those last slightly disappointingly chilly Spring days awaiting the moment when we can uncurl and come into our own.

The long evenings, the Pinot Grigio Blush andi Pimms, the picnics, the plethora of options for child entertainment, the temporary pause in the need to carry all-weather options for more people than you’ve got hands…. When Winter seems to drag on as long as the Referendum, all we set our sights on is the balmy light at the end of the damp and dreary tunnel.

However, when reality hits, it’s awful to admit that the Summer lives up to maybe only 85% of our expectations. Yes, we can finally swing the bi-folding doors open and sweep off the mossy bed of the trampoline but, alas, such entertainment comes with full-time supervision and parent assuming the role of the Euro 2016 referees. Yes, long evenings are the celestial backdrop for those midweek boozy evenings that somehow aren’t as accepted in Winter but, alas, children up to all ages struggle to conceive why they are being put to bed at what feels like lunchtime, so hold their own bedroom parties killing the peace and quiet of our dreams.

Then it’s those summer holidays we booked 11 months prior. Romantic notions of packing the car with our favourite belongings, consoles, swimmers and healthy snacks while discovering Britain or Europe ‘en famille’ have the cruel tendency to deliver 15% less than you were hoping. Almost the perfect holiday, but not quite.

Pillows & Pitstops - the online guide to breaking your journey the fun way – is here to inspire all of us soon to be making a start to our family holidays and warm weather outings as to just how to really grasp those few missing percentage points to achieve perfection.

Before embarking on a car journey, check out the tailor-made route planner plotting recommendations of brilliant places to stop off. Entirely suited to your needs and wishes, Pillows & Pitstops promises to give all the family an antidote to the inner world of that MPV. From parks and playgrounds to farm shops and garden centres, from petting farms to pick-your-owns, there’s an inner sanctum for everyone!

If you’re opting for the driving holiday to France because, let’s face it, “that’s all I was ever allowed at this age”, you’ll be needing an overnight Pillow stop in a gorgeous personal and unbelievably hospitable B&B. Imagine the kiddies tucked up in bed (ok so you might need the help of a film or three with those light long evenings) while you’re busy enjoying the Host’s freshly grown carrots, fish caught that day and potent spirits conjured up in that very kitchen.

So, as we approach the ever-promising nirvana that is Summer, Pillows & Pitstops will be drip-feeding ideas, inspiration and temptation giving you a different recommendation for these stop-offs over UK and France.

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