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Why Shop Local?

Why Shop Local?

Shopping locally provides endless benefits to shoppers and businesses  such as personal customer service; providing employment for local people; growing the local economy; and saving time and money in reducing transportation for businesses providing their goods. So, why aren’t more people shopping locally?

The truth is more people are shopping locally. Perhaps this is partly why major national supermarkets are having to claw their way gradually back to previously held thrones. This is certainly why some parts of the country have developed local currencies and initiatives to encourage and enable their communities to shop more locally.

What do Bristol, Brixton, Stroud, Lewes and Totnes have in common?
Each of these areas has set up their own local currencies to encourage people and businesses to reinvest money back into the local economy. These have been led by the local communities working with their local councils, who understand the benefits of supporting the local economy: for each £1 spent in local small businesses, 63 pence is reinvested locally: compared to 40 pence for larger businesses.
The ethical choice is a win-win
If supporting local people’s business isn’t an ethical enough reason, shopping locally also reduces travel time within your own locale. When shopping at an out of town supermarket, you as the shopper have to travel more – as does the produce in store. This means produce is fresher. Many of our listed Pitstops are close to your home, and those incorporated in a longer journey are often a short detour from the main route.

Personal service
When you pop in to a supermarket or big-chain store, do they know your name? Do their products feel unique, or do you fear you’ll see a stranger wearing your outfit? Do you leave the shop with a smile on your face, or do you dread having to return? Local businesses invariably invest their time in you; they are more reliant on you and other local shoppers’ positive feedback.

I buy my bread locally – what more can I do?
The benefit of local shopping doesn’t stop at freshly-baked bread, though packing a picnic of locally sourced produce before you set off is a good start. We have put together a list of great places to stop off and enjoy that picnic, away from the crammed and sterile service stations.

Whilst you may already know the shops in your own locale, finding them whilst on your commute to work or on other journeys can be trickier. Are there more opportunities to enjoy the benefits of shopping locally? Or could you enjoy an intimate stay at a boutique rest-stop, instead of the sterile environment of hotel chains? The answer is ‘yes’, and this is where Pillows & Pitstops can help.

Why not give it a try?
You can enter your location or travelling route, and we’ll tell you where local shopping and accommodation gems are hidden. We also want to hear your experiences and favourite haunts – you can email me your ideas and suggestions at

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