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Fresh food in Suffolk

We have so much to thank our Farmers for. They toil their hearts out, whatever the weather, and it's not often you'll hear them complain about their life's work. If only most workers were the same. And, there isn't a day that goes by when we don't put something they've given us on our plates and thoroughly enjoy the product of their work.

But, also, they give us Farm Shops. Woo hoo, how we love a farm shop. Not only do they provide us with brilliant produce, fresh from these wonderful farms, much more nutritious and genuinely organic than most other retailers, but they also often give us coffee! 

Farm Shop coffee shops have seen a huge hike in popularity, all over the country. Here we focus on the beautiful relatively unknown county of Suffolk. Suffolk has wonderful farmland with its ideal climate, producing root vegetables, and let's not forget the renowned Suffolk Pork from the county's happy pigs. And now many farmers have branched out and invite us in with open arms to meet their hogs and taste their vegetables right there and then.


As you visit Suffolk as a destination, or simply drive up the A12 or along the A14, there are so many farm-to-fork child-friendly restaurants that are attached to these Suffolk farms. They make for a veritable family day out!

Elveden Estate

London Road

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